The academic corporation Bukovina is a color-wearing and freely fencing academic association in Chernivtsi. It is currently the only student corporation in Ukraine that follows an old German student tradition according to the Comment.

The colors of corporation are explained with: intellect, honor and noble (dark blue), energy and action (red), eternal youth of the Bukovinian mind (green).

A.C. Bukovina stands out by emphasizing old Austrian and German ideas as well as national and cultural diversity. This is also expressed in the slogan “Viribus Unitis!” (With United Forces!), which was the same of Emperor Franz Joseph. The seat of the corporation is the German House in the Olha Kobylyanska Street.

A.C. Bukovina always strives to preserve the corporate movement in Chernivtsi, welcomes all fraternities in the city (especially color-wearing ones) and tries to establish contacts with other academic corporations abroad.


Quickly after the establishment of the Kaiser Franz Josef University in 1875, a rich academic couleur life developed in Chernivtsi.

German, Jewish, Romanian, Polish and Ukrainian fraternities developed side by side, the organizational form of which was based on the traditions originating from German university culture, but also with national characteristics.

With the outbreak of the First World War and then the Second World War, the active academic corporate life came to an end.

A. C. Bukovina in Chernivtsi was founded by doctoral students from the historical faculty at the Chernivtsi State University in 1997. It was thus the first establishment of an corporate association on academic ground since 1918. The newspaper “Der Südostdeutsche Buchenlanddeutsche Zeitung” dated November 15, 1998 mentioned this.

The founding idea was presented in the following words: “… The name “Bukovina”… was not only determined by our nationality, but it also expresses the life of the association according to the basic types of the Bukovinian character (goodwill, loyalty to the given word, friendship).

The founding decision was also fueled by the desire to attract a new generation of academically coordinated youth based on the huge experience of the European corporate movement as well as to create a broader field for the renewal of academic traditions and a spirit of healthy competition among the student corporations… ”.


The following activities were formulated as priority:

1) scientific studies of Bukovina history,

2) research of Chernivtsi history,

3) popularisation of the academic corporate idea among the students,

4) study of the regional languages.



Budenabend is organized twice a month or more. No other activities occur on these open-door evenings. There is a calm atmosphere: students can play chess, cards or another games, talk to each other, drink tea, coffee, beer and taste something delicious.

Scientific readings are meetings with experts in various fields of science and culture. There is a possibility to give and discuss a lecture on a current topic in front of the corporate students. Such readings occur once a semester.

Begrüßungsabend is time to meet old and new corporate members from friendly student associations. Such an welcome evening usually occurs once a semester.

Active recreation is organized 2-3 times per semester, depending on students’ wishes. It can be a sport (soccer, volleyball, basketball or tennis), a round trip.

Kneipe is a traditional student celebration with speeches, funny games, drinks and songs according to certain students customs and rules (Comment) and is intended to cherish friendship in a cheerful and sociable manner. Such feasts usually take place 2-3 times per semester.

Kommers is a solemn and representative form of the student Kneipe on a special occasion (e.g. on the occasion of the fraternity foundation, city or university anniversaries). The keynote speech plays an important role and when possible is given by an official.

Reception is the official candidate’s admission to the corporation organized by the Fuchsmajor or the Convent. This is is a ceremony of receiving by a student after his first semester in the association the status Fuchs (an unfull member of our academic corporation). A solemn reception and the two-color-ribbon receiving usually takes place in the official part of the Semester-end-Kneipe after a certain examination time.

Brandung (Branderung) is a ceremony of receiving by a student after his second semester in the association the status Brandfuchs (close to the full member of our academic corporation). The ceremony is held during the special Kneipe (Branderungskneipe) in its official part.

Burschung is the ceremony at which a student acquires the status of Bursch (after at least three semesters in our association). The procedure takes place only after he has successfully passed the Burschung-Exam and written an application to join the corporation. This event occurs at the end of the semester.

Philistrierung is the ceremony at which a Bursch becomes Philister (Alter Herr). This means he becomes an inactive member of the corporation. It takes place after his graduation from the university.

Foundation Day: September 2, 1997.

University opening Day: October 4, 1875.

Day of the City: October 8, 1408.