The academic corporation “Bukovina” is a color-wearing and freely fencing academic association in Chernivtsi. It is currently the only student corporation in Ukraine that follows an old Austrian and German student tradition according to the Comment.

The seat of the corporation is the German House in the Olha Kobylyanska Street.

The colors of corporation are explained with: intellect, honor and noble (dark blue), energy and action (red), eternal youth of the Bukovinian mind (green).

A.C. Bukovina stands out by emphasizing old Austrian and German ideas as well as national and cultural diversity. This is also expressed in the slogan “Viribus Unitis!” (With United Forces!), which was the same of Emperor Franz Joseph.

The chamber of the association is on the upper floor of the German House, where objects of corporation (e.g. own flag and coat of arms), pictures and documents are collected and presented.

A.C. Bukovina always strives to preserve the corporate movement in Chernivtsi, welcomes all fraternities in the city (especially color-wearing ones) and tries to establish contacts with other academic corporations abroad.


Quickly after the establishment of the Kaiser Franz Josef University in 1875, a rich academic couleur life developed in Chernivtsi. German, Jewish, Romanian, Polish and Ukrainian fraternities developed side by side, the organizational form of which was based on the traditions originating from German university culture, but also with national characteristics.

With the outbreak of the First World War and then the Second World War, the active academic corporate life came to an end.

A. C. Bukovina in Chernivtsi was founded by doctoral students from the historical faculty at the Chernivtsi State University in 1997. It was thus the first establishment of an corporate association on academic ground since 1918. The newspaper “Der Südostdeutsche Buchenlanddeutsche Zeitung” dated November 15, 1998 mentioned this.

The founding idea was presented in the following words: “… The name “Bukovina”… was not only determined by our nationality, but it also expresses the life of the association according to the basic types of the Bukovinian character (goodwill, loyalty to the given word, friendship).

The founding decision was also fueled by the desire to attract a new generation of academically coordinated youth based on the huge experience of the European corporate movement as well as to create a broader field for the renewal of academic traditions and a spirit of healthy competition among the student corporations… ”.

The following activities were formulated as priority:

1) scientific studies of Bukovina history,

2) research of Chernivtsi history,

3) popularisation of the academic corporate idea among the students,

4) study of the regional languages.